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The Brooklyn Museum's new exhibition will give New Yorkers an insight into the history of the New York art scene, from its origins to its current state.

Takashi Murakami and Cy Twombly are among the artists currently on display, but the gallery also shows abstract expressionists from the New York School. Beyond Zen, Baroque works from the Newark Museum's collection are on display, while minimalist black-and-white ink paintings, often seen as the precursors of the minimalist black-and-white ink and paintings for which the period is known, are on display. Located on the High Line along the Hudson River, this stylish museum showcases contemporary American art from 1925 to 1945. This gallery exhibits works by Mexican muralists who recreated American art. The Neues Museum shows installations by the artists Cory Arcangel and Urs Fischer as well as works by Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney and other contemporary artists.

For art lovers who prefer museums with a focus on design, the Museum of Arts and Designs specializes in 20th century modern and contemporary art, as well as works by contemporary artists such as David Hockney, Pablo Picasso, and Robert Rauschenberg, to name just a few. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum has moved from its original location in Manhattan to New York City, not to mention its new location on the Hudson River, which houses an exhibition of 20th century art, making it a great place to enjoy modern or contemporary art.

New York City also hosts a number of smaller institutions that focus on certain styles and art forms. Most of these galleries are located in Manhattan, with the exception of the Chelsea Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. The Chelsea Galleries are housed in a converted garage and focus primarily on contemporary art due to their location in the heart of Manhattan.

A section of the cloister of the Metropolitan Museum of Art displays medieval art and architecture. Completed in 1959 after 16 years of construction, the Guggenheim houses a collection of more than 1,500 works of art, including works by artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin, Degas and Gaugin. With a collection that spans the history of modern art from the early 19th century to the present, it shows the progress and influences that have made art what it is today, and forces many to think about their definition of "art." The film collection includes more than 25,000 titles in its film section.

This nonprofit brings street artists to the Little Italy neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, mainly painting on historic Mulberry Street, which is painted by participating shops and apartment buildings. Inside, two stories of tall, narrow windows show emerging contemporary art, including works by artists such as Giorgio Armani, Robert Rauschenberg, and Andy Warhol. These are seven rectangular boxes stacked high on the top of the Bowery, one of New York's most popular art installations.

In 2011, MoMA acquired the adjacent building that houses the New York Public Library and the Museum of Modern Art (M.M.A.). L & M houses some of the world's most important works of contemporary art and a modern art museum.

Designed by two Japanese architects, the museum is mirrored in its angular composition and protrudes like a box stacked on top of each other, making for a great outdoor photo shoot. A photo exhibition presents a series of photographs from the New York Public Library and the Museum of Modern Art (M.M.A).

The Bronx Museum of Arts has been open since 1971 and museum visitors can visit it for free. The museum is a great place to take a walk through the park, something you could do just before the tour begins. Exhibitions in the parks can also be visited at the New York Public Library and Museum, as well as other museums.

Art and craft stalls line the streets of a neighborhood long known for its creative community. You will see a variety of artists from all over New York City, as well as local artists and artisans from the Bronx.

There are galleries that deal with traditional artwork, but if you're into a more modern style, such as modern sculpture, painting or graphics, Manhattan is the place for you. Gallerists looking for real estate in Manhattan are usually looking for art enthusiasts who drop by and browse. Just 20 minutes outside Manhattan, you will find galleries with priceless collections that will surprise you with their high-quality artwork.

You will begin to explore the visual arts, drawing and photography, and you will see a wide range of different styles, from traditional art to modern and contemporary art.

The exhibition focuses on a new colossal mural that takes up the work of JR DeVille, an artist from New York City, New Jersey. Jr's work is active in both photography and the social practice of street art, and this multimedia exhibition accompanies his career through various exhibitions of his work, including the "Chronicles of New Yorker" mural, which features the faces of 1,128 New Yorkers. In this exhibition, DeVilles combines the art of photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, and street art to create sculptures that are both inspiring and introspective.

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